Artemis Associates

Artemis Associates is

a network of innovative, creative and clever people who share an interest in contributing to world peace and happiness by sharing their talents and experience in order to maximise joy and contentment, starting by making workplaces kinder.

It operates on the basis of a gift economy and embraces right Livelihood principles.

Information on how to join us will be given when we have it.


THE ARTEMIS FOUNDATION (long term ambition?)

A: art and culture, arts and crafts, auto/biography, aims, action, adult education, archives, anthropology, Amsterdam, animation, Anglo-, achievement, achivableassociation, astrology, age

R: research, resources, religion, right livelihood, realistic

T: teaching, training, technology, travel, time-bound, timeline, Tarot, transpersonal, transgender

E: education, equality, equity, events, ethnicity, elctronic media, East London, experiential learning, enabling, enterprise

M: media, multimedia, mythology, mapping, mentoring, matrix, Matrix East, membership, multicultural, multidisciplinary, meditation, mediation, mix, measurable, Marrakech, Morocco, music, Muslim, measurement, measurable

I: innovation, interpersonal communication, information, international co-operation, intergenerational, Islam

S: social science, sociology, social structures, social justice, social action, social enterprise, simplicity, spirituality, strategy, synchronicity, synergy

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  2. I have put this site on my favourites under a new title. Really interesting ideas to come back to.

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