Shades of Purple

is the title of the all time best album by Deep Purple. Remember? Well, I do… It’s also the name of my newest collection of memories.

Shades of Purple Shawl by the Nerdy Knitter a.k.a. Procrastinator

The Wensleydale wool is from last year’s trip to London, the pattern is inspired by a shawl I saw at a wool fair in Denmark and I started knitting the shawl on my latest trip to Arinaga. And of course the name reminds me of my early youth!

You can use any kind of wool as long as you have 2 different colours to mix. I’ve used 4 balls of Wensleydale DK weight wool in purple and blue.

For knitting on a plane, use circular bamboo needles, if you’re not on a plane choose whatever needles you prefer – long circulars will probably be the best choice.

The shawl is knit from the top down starting with the small triangle at the neck. It’s an easy knit (garter and stockinette stitches plus increases) but not boring because of the shadow knitting.

When the first little triangle is finished continue with shadow knitting until the shawl is large enough or you’ve used all the wool.


6 thoughts on “Shades of Purple

  1. So, are we picking up stitches from along one side of the triangle? How is the shape achieved?

    I had never heard of shadow knitting before. Definitely worth a try, thank you!

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