Make a Dress from VHS Video Tape

Looks like this might have been made using a proddy mat technique, on a soft gappy base fabric, and with longer ends. Knitted or crochet would be too crunchy next to the skin. The right design could be very steampunk and apt for your next night out.


5 thoughts on “Make a Dress from VHS Video Tape

  1. Fab, isn’t it? I want to make one, but where I live, people still use their VHS tapes as VHS tapes. Only a matter of time, though.

    You’d need to earth it, wouldn’t you?

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m not so excited about the dress, but I love the idea of using VHS tapes as a raw material to work with. I know someone who would seriously, seriously love that.


  3. Love this dress !!!!! Would love some instructions on making one for a fundraiser for our volunteer baby sew club. Please respond. Thanking you in advance.

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