Knots or split ends?

Knot Split ends Knotfree knitting

Knotfree Knitting – or How I Became Fond of Split Ends

I recently knit a bolero in a wool-blend that wouldn’t split. Not so good. Now I’m knitting a cardigan in 100% cotton which is splittable (nice, useful word!). And recycled – I unravelled a dress I made a few years ago but had rarely used. Could be because of the knots in the knitting?

This time, because of the recycled cotton yarn, I would have had even more knots in my knitting… instead I did as I normally do with wool:

  • Split the ends of the yarn on the needles and the new ball of yarn
  • Knit one stitch with 3 strands (2 old + 1 new)
  • Knit 3 stitches with 2 strands (1 old + 1 new)
  • Knit one stitch with 3 strands (1 old + 2 new)

and continue with the new yarn. Nice and smooth. I also skim in the ends as I go because like my knitted garments to be finished when I’m done knitting them.


6 thoughts on “Knots or split ends?

  1. Both! :)

    I’ve just started a hat pattern, but I have a couple of tutorial/tips to post as well. A vertical pocket, and photos for an iCord edge finish. All very exciting.

    Good luck with your buttons!

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