Now, who’d’ve thunk? I used to prefer knitting to crochet. I knew how to crochet but I didn’t like the feel, the look and the unstretchyness of crocheted products. Fine for summer hats and maybe a bag or an iPod cozy, but for clothes? Crafter & photographer: Lisa Risager. The iPod cozy is crocheted, the cord cover is a knitted iCord I blame it on Irene… she’s got me hooked. She inspired me to try again, and it really is quite OK. Nice. Brilliant. First thing up was the Masa Bag. Next thing the button band on my newest cardigan. Now I’m experiment with making elastic fabrics by crochet. Yes, it can be done! As I’m in Spain at the moment I think tank tops and short skirts, maybe even bikinis. No patterns or models at the moment, just pictures inside my head. Get hooked!


5 thoughts on “Hooked

  1. Yay!

    Try working back and forth and into the back back loop on every row and then turn in on it’s side! Nice elasticity, but quite heavy fabric unless worked in fine yarn!

  2. @Irene – that’s just what I’m doing and in a very fine yarn too – the Marinella from Susan!

    @Brenda – if you make an iCable you *must* promise to learn to crochet ;-)

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