The Cabin Attendant

liked the colour and was impressed by the speed with which the project took off (pun intended, sorry!).

Inspiration is in fact everywhere. On the outbound flight I was quite overwhelmed by the colours of Transavia… haha! On the homebound flight I could have sold lots of slinky, green scarfs to the lovely female cabin attendents. They would have been a perfect match for their uniforms.

Slinky green scarf by Lisa Risager

This is a nice project for travelling – I brought only 2 bamboo double pointed needles and a ball of wonderful green Marinella Sea Silk (a gift from my friend Susan).

You will need:
2½ mm needles – circular, straight or double pointed, whatever you prefer will be fine
3 mm crochet hook
Approximately 320 meters of fingering weight yarn. (I used a total of 52 grammes of Marinella from Lulu’s Yarns)

The construction:
A long narrow piece of knitted lace with a crocheted border.

Slinky green scarf by Lisa Risager

The instructions:

Cast on 23 stitches, knit 1 row, purl 1 row.

Knit the following pattern:
Row 1: K1 (edge) K3, YO, K3tog, YO, K3 (balances the pattern), K1 (edge)
Row 2: Purl 1 row
Row 3: K1 (edge) YO, K3tog, YO, K3, YO, K3tog, YO (balances the pattern), K1 (edge)
Row 4: Purl 1 row
and repeat until the length is suitable for a scarf. The length of my scarf is equal to my height.

Slinky green scarf by Lisa Risager lace diagram for Cabin Attendant's slinky scarf

Bind off loosely, but DO NOT break the yarn.
Grab a crochet needle and start crocheting the border. Two double crochets (UK) through each of the lacy holes along the sides of the scarf is suitable.
Remember to make an extra double crochet at each corner.

When you start working the second round you must remember to crochet through the back loop of the stitch below! This will make the border quite elastic and at a glance you would think it was knitted on.
I made 4 rounds before finishing the scarf.

Slinky green scarf by Lisa Risager

Does that all make sense? It’s a recipe – make it your own! You can replace the lace with any kind you like, you can replace the border, you can use any yarn you have in your stash, you can even use that colour that you’re not really sure about – it might just be great as a slinky scarf!

As always, please let us know how you go!

Added on April 10th 2009:
I’ve made a diagram of the lace pattern.

Added on June 4th 2009:
After reading this thread on Ravelry I have edited the pattern instructions above and included the pattern chart to make it easier to follow. Hope it helps ;-)


5 thoughts on “The Cabin Attendant

    • Thanks Sally. It’s very soft and drapy, and the colour is perfect! I would never have chosen it myself, though, but that’s why gifts are so lovely <3

  1. Thank you! I was looking for the lacy solution for every odd ball I have, and you did the dig-out-the-stitch-dictionary work for me! I hope mine comes out as beautiful.

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