Thinking about coffee

Thinking about coffee - knitted and fulled coffee cosies. By Lisa  Risager

I dont’t drink coffee but I have a coffee-loving man and to make him happy I’ve made a bunch of knitted hats for his French cafetieres. Easy as pie and lovely gifts! Complete with a hole at the top for the coffee press and a hook to hang it in the kitchen when it’s not in use.

You will need:
Double pointed needles plus a short circular needle, size 5-6 mm
3 balls of super chunky Eskimo wool (150 grammes)
a safety pin

The instructions (fits an 8-cup cafetiere):
Cast on 72 stitches on a circular needle or on double pointed needles, join in a circle (take care not to twist!) and purl 3 rows.
Switch to knitting, and knit 50 rows in the round.

Start decreasing and if you’re using a circular needle switch to double pointed needles when necessary:
On every other row decrease 8 stitches until you have 48 stitches left (3 times)
On every row decrease 8 stitches until you have 16 stitches left (4 times)

Bind off and make an icord:
knit 3 (start of icord), bind off 5 stitches, knit 3 (move onto a safety pin to attatch to icord later), bind off 5 stitches.
Use the first 3 stitches to knit an icord – 20 rows – and graft these 3 stitches to the 3 stitches on the safety pin.

Felt your knitting:
I just dump the coffee cosy into the washer with a pair of jeans or some other piece of heavy clothing. The jeans will give the knitted wool a good beating so it gets quite dense. If it’s not dense enough, wash again.

That’s it!

My notes

My notes


4 thoughts on “Thinking about coffee

  1. What a super Idea!!!! I have been looking for christmas Presents for some People already and this will certainly go into a Coffee Hamper I have earmarked for one. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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