Do NOT follow the pattern…

Maybe if someone instructed me *not* to follow the pattern I would be able to do it?

I’d seen this cardigan: Drapey Neck Silky Tweed Cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier (available for free on Ravelry) and decided to knit it as my Tour de France jersey. White jersey.

I cast on and stumbled upon another picture of a lovely cardigan and immediately modified the pattern accordingly.

Cavendish Cardigan - by Lisa Risager Cavendish Cardigan - by Lisa Risager

The Cardigan – now named The Cavendish Cardigan – was a real sprint, I finished it in just 14 days and it’s lovely… I cast on during the team presentation on Eurosport July 2nd and my aim was to finish before the yellow jersey hits Champs d’Elysees…

I even found the perfect brooch today (it matches one of my cats) and I am so pleased with my inability to follow a pattern! I now have a perfect over-a-summer-dress cardigan.

Cardigan & Cat

If you’re on Ravelry, please check out Heidi’s pattern.


6 thoughts on “Do NOT follow the pattern…

  1. I like it very much. The neck edging is very neat. Did you go round and pick up and cast off, or did you slip one at the beginning of each row?

    Have been doing very much the same thing with a red top-down spring/autumn cardigan which you have inspired me to get photographed and online. Thank you!

  2. After casting off at the bottom I picked up a crochet hook and made a row on single crochets around the front and neck. At the neck I tightnened it a bit as it was quite loose. Trial and error, you know. Crochet is so easy to unravel and redo :-)

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