Make A Monkey – Star in a Film

Julia aka @catnip will be making a sock monkey live on her radio show on Saturday morning. You can listen in on the internet at The Big Paws on Rhubarb Radio from 0800 to 1000 this Saturday the 31st October. And if you do make a sock monkey, please photograph and send us a link here, before you post it off. I’ll be making twin monkeys, one send to KateGoes and one to keep.

You will need:

* one sock, or one sock per monkey

* felt circles or buttons for eyes

* scraps of fabric (maybe from other sock) if you want ears or a tongue

* chunky needle or bodkin

* coloured threads or wool

Actually, everything you need to know is in the video, or already in your head. I’m of a mind to make a domestic terrorist monkey. Please feel free to make one with more or less character and originality.


Please, tell us what you think!

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