Knitting on a bike

No, not really…

In September and October I spent 4 weeks cycling in Spain from Barcelona to Malága. Naturally I had to bring something to knit – something small.

I brought no patterns, only 2 pairs of bamboo double pointed needles and 4 balls of sock yarn.

I practised double knitting and made a pair of striped wrist warmers – easy as pie! – and a pair of lusekofte-inspired ankle warmers.

I also made a striped hat, a wannabee slouchy striped beret. I coudn’t find anyone willing to model it so I had to use my teapot. #FAIL

Anyway… cycling is good for you and knitting is good for you, hats can be given to charity or even used as a tea cozy, so keep knitting and try some double knitting!


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