Knitting is a great way to travel

… and the internet is a great way to find new friends!

A couple of years ago I met Pilar on Ravelry and last year we met IRL for the first time. Equipped with a bag full of yarn, WIPs and patterns we sat down and got on with the stitchin’ and bitchin’ (not so much) or rather getting to know each other.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to particpate in several meet-ups with the lovely ladies of the Las Palmas Knits. Last week they even came all the way to ‘my’ place, Playa de Arinaga and the weather behaved nicely, thank you very much, it was a beautiful evening by the sea with lots of lovely knitting!

More pictures from the meet-up at the LPK-blog.

I’ve also met with other knitters in the UK and in Denmark (I live in Copenhagen) and as I often knit in public I meet lots of nice people! What about you?


4 thoughts on “Knitting is a great way to travel

  1. I just found your site.. what a fabulous group of designers/friends….
    I look forward to checking in with you each week just to see what’s new.
    I lived in Denmark for 5 years. It was the time of my life!!
    My husband and I wish very much that we had stayed.
    Ve ses igen, Karen

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