Uptown in The Remnant

There’s a new shop in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; we mentioned it here. Yesterday, Artemis popped in with GlittyKnitty of The Knittivists, who was doing some back-end tech stuff making The Knit Studio‘s new website and linking it all up with Twitter and Facebook.

A good chance for some expert feedback on a few of our newest designs, yes?

This new Remnant was made using a bag of manufacturer’s cone ends from the mighty Colourmart, so it’s 100% cashmere, except in the khaki brown stripes where it’s remnant merino, also Colourmart, and oh so very, very soft. This one’s DK, and we’re not going to be able to give exact quantities because you can make it to the exact length and width for your size, and if you do the maths, with any yarn you like. Both this one and the original have extra-long sleeves, too.

As you can see, it looks just as good on the tall and willowy as it does on the petite and curvy.

The pin fastener we were trialling comes in two colours, a soft grey-black and a dark green-grey stripe, a mere £4 from The Knit Studio’s vast offering of finishings and findings.

Also previewed were two as yet unpublished designs, a short tweedy jacket, ideal for between seasons, and a cabled smocked cape-cowl. No seaming in either of them, with the same custom fit-as-you-go that we all know and love. Here’s a sneaky wee peek:

More on those to come….


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