Twitter & Facebook

One really easy way of getting in touch and keeping in contact with people is via Twitter. It’s been in the news a lot – many important yarnies use it now, Ravelry is there of course, Katya Frankel, Natalie of The YarnYard, Woolly Wormhead, and all the major events and fayres are there.

We’ll be tweeting as @ArtemisAdornmts – please do follow us, and we’ll follow you back. That’s going to be our strategy: we’ll always follow back, unless you’re not a real person or you’re a spammer. We understand that many, or even most people are creative in some part of their lives, and we know that it’s often not the main part. If you tweet about work, football, your political party or your birthday party, we won’t mind. If you tweet a lot, or a little, we won’t mind that either.

We won’t be tweeting any tennis or TV or soup recipes or weather reports. We’ll be sticking strictly to yarn news and events, new patterns from designers we admire, fashion forward trends and of course we’ll be tweeting when we have something new to release. And we won’t be prolific, so you won’t feel drowned.

Shortly we’re going to set up an automatic gadget thingy that will post to Twitter when we publish a new post here. So if you’re one of the many people who hasn’t yet got their head around RSS, it’d be a good way to see when new patterns are out.


We haven’t got a page there yet, but many fabulous knitwear designers do. You can follow both Galina Carroll and Irina Shabayeva there, and Newcastle UK’s brand new The Knit Studio has a page, and of course there are many more. We’d love to hear your suggestions of who else to follow on Facebook. It’s early days for us, but maybe we’ll organise a page there too. We’ll be sure to let you know when we do.


Please, tell us what you think!

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