Stripey iPhone Cosy

You will need:

• Left over sock yarn. A scant 15g will be enough.

• Your favourite pair of short circular needles or one long one, 3.5mm

• A spare hour on the bus or train.

Off you go:

Cast on 32 stitches using the Knitty Magic Loop cast-on method, resulting in 16 stitches on front and back or on each needle.

Knit until it’s long enough, approx 38 rows at this guage. Then switch to a 2-1 rib by repeating K2 P1 until your rib section is long enough. If you want to make a flap instead, cast off half the stitches and rib the other half, like this:

R1 k2 p1 to end.

R2 p2 k1 to end.

Repeat 8 times, then cast off loosely using a larger needle.

Add a button loop and big decorative button.

Try patterning another one with the design from the toe-up Monkey, or your favourite cable pattern. You could also put a pocket in the side for your headphones, although there’s enough ease to pop them in the back.

Block by soaking in warm water (with a little conditioner added if you like), squeeze out excess water, pat gently into shape, and dry flat.

To make an earphone pocket, cast on 26 stitches and knit a rectangle. Slip stitch to the outside of your cosy. Try it using contrasting yarn and cross stitches.


This pattern is free for you to use on this website and you can print a single copy for your own personal use. If you like it, please make a donation to support the site and our costs. The suggested donation for this pattern is 50p.

Thank you!


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