Hello from Anna Kuduja – Our New Designer

Hello, I am Anna. Thank you for inviting me here. Nice to join the team!

The Editor writes:

Welcome, Anna!

A wonderful way to bring in 2011 – we welcome Anna Kuduja to our designer group.

2010 was a good year for us, with major new input from Boknits, two fabulous bodywear designs and three more currently being tested.

Brenda is continuing to slowly churn out accessories, but this coming year will be writing up a fairisle skirt pattern and a small range of items inspired by the land and sea-scape around where she lives. There’ll be fairisle in this too, mittens and a cowl, but also a suite of hedgerow inspired outerwear for the autumn.

Lisa was the backbone of the site in 2009 with her wonderful homewear and accessories, and is promising us lovely new things for 2011. She’s our technical expert, and we might see a website rebuild sometime later in the year as we develop our range.

So that’s four! We’re very happy at that number while we learn about each other and begin to think through some sort of house philosophy or unifying theme.

We are still keen to hear from guest designers, in particular my own irl friend who is a crocheter, expert with colour, and has several designs, so we can expect to tease one of them out of her for our 2011 collection.

All is looking good and the future is bright!

Our next stage is patterns for sale to add a whole new range, working on shopping and checkout buttons, with the original free range gathered together into a minibook which we can publish for sale.

Exciting days are ahead!


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