Wearable to work?

This morning I had some time left before work – not enough for anything major, but just enough. I played around with my Ravelry projects page, and made a new category: “Wearable to Work”.

Or maybe it should read, “Worn to Work”. In knitting terms that means, an FO that you’re proud enough of to wear outside the house, and moreover, that won’t raise eyebrows ( except in admiration) on the workfloor.

I’m pleased to report that I have more than a dozen of those. I admit, some of them are hats and scarves, but most of them are actually dresses, cardigans and sweaters. ( I’m wearing Norah Gaughan’s Anhinga as I type – ready to go out into the world with it).

What they all have in common: restrained color. Great design. Good finishing ( it’s never perfect, is it?).

What are you wearing today? Is it one of your own FOs? What FOs have you worn to work or visiting or the supermarket without feeling any shame?


2 thoughts on “Wearable to work?

  1. Thing is the process element. Not all knitting is utilitarian. Making garments to wear is only about 10% of it, maybe?

    There are lots of things I’ve made that I can’t wear and because I have a finite amount of space, I frog them, make something new. Because I’m continually learning, it’s always something better. Not sure how many times I can do that, but will certainly be testing it in the years to come. :)

    Your deep love of beautiful soft textures is perhaps why you knit? I’m sure that can be more important to you than how it looks when it’s finished. A FO is always a bit of a let down, it’s over, the nice part.

    Very interesting making a big cabley jacket for my son – I was very into the process. Giving it away wasn’t hard exactly, after all I love that boy to pieces, but it was like saying goodbye to a good friend. I saw it a couple of weeks ago when I went to visit and it still feels like mine. I will have to adjust the buttons, and will.

    There are several things in my wardrobe that I made because I wanted to see if I could. Capecho. Fireside. Forager. Will I wear them? Not really, but they are big achievements and made me feel rather proud of myself.

    I think also small mistakes in our own knitting stand out like flashing beacons and other people just don’t see them, but these small imperfections make all the difference to wearability.

    I might do a ‘wearable to work’ category but mine might be ‘most loved wardrobe pieces’. Or something.

    Will think on’t more.

    Very interesting.

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