Paekivi (Limestone) Jacket

This is my new pattern, Paekivi (Limestone) jacket. It is always a challenge to invent a name for your design. Sometimes I am guided by the characters of a stitch pattern and sometimes by colours. This colour reminded me of limestone that is very usual in Estonia.

I used Aade Lõng 8/3, Estonian yarn known also as Kauni. It is something between Sport and DK, 100 g/200 m. Anything that drapes nicely and gives the gauge would be fine. Test-knitters have used Ethical Twist by Stylecraft,  Artesana Inca Cloud, Rozetti Yarns First Class. The pattern is for sizes S and M. If you would like to venture for L, we would like to get the numbers, so please let us know. It is a seamless top down construction, try on as you go; therefore, it is easily adjustable.

The pattern can be downloaded from here. Ravelry link here.


5 thoughts on “Paekivi (Limestone) Jacket

  1. Your new jacket design is really attractive! I have downloaded the pattern and will most probably knit it soon! Red linen perhaps? Linen is nice for warmer weather and I think lace looks particularly good when knitted with linen yarn.

    Thank you very much!

  2. I’d like to try this in Linen, in a large. Please let me know what numbers you need and I will send them in a little over a week becase I am out of town and do not have a tape measure. I’ll probably make it shorter, because sweaters, unless they are shaped do not flatter me in the longer length.

  3. Oh, I am sorry I am not very good at grading, as it is called. What I would suggest: make your swatch and simply add more double moss stitch, as it is easily customizable. I would not try adding more pannels in pattern, this could remain as it is. Hope this helps.

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