The (not so little) Red Riding Hoodie

The perfect wrap for cool days and evenings. It’s loose and lovely, it’s warm and flattering too. What’s not to like? The pattern is for size L-XL. Other sizes may or may not be included in later versions. If so, you will receive an update for free!

The yarn is the wonderful, lovely, fantastic, Faroese Sirri 2-ply yarn. Organic too. 4 bundles of 100 grams/300 meters each. Available in both natural and dyed colours.
Needles: 3 mm or 3½ mm
Tension: 22 stitches = 10 cm
Techniques: Knit in one piece, garter stitch, short rows, modular knitting, round yoke, increasing, decreasing. Not difficult!

The patterns is for sale on Ravelry.


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