Mashed Classics Coat


I love all these classic patterns. Norwegian sweaters, big chunky fishermen’s sweaters…but I wouldn’t be a designer if I could leave them alone. So I enlarged some of these classic motifs, and used them in combinations never seen before.

The stitches are classic, the way they are used is not! I juxtaposed houndstooth with argyle, gingham and plain stripes.

I wanted a big, warm winter sweater I could hunker down into on a chilly winter’s morning when you’d rather not get out of bed. Or a winter evening when the journey home from work or picking up the kids has left you chilled. You could even use it to walk the dog or rake the leaves or shovel snow…It’s big, it has extra long sleeves, it’s oversized, a coat to live in.

It’s worked in the round, bottom-up, with steeks for the front, armholes and neck. The fronts have picked-up stitches to create a sturdy double button band.

The sleeves are picked up from the steeked sleeve openings, so there’s no sewing here whatsoever!


And the bonus feature is: you could wear it inside out! The loops of yarn on the inside of the garment are, to my mind, as pretty as the outside…


5 thoughts on “Mashed Classics Coat

    • Hi there, where are you trying to download from? Here or Ravelry? If I click the link ‘buy now” it takes me to Paypal, what happens for you?

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