POLL and Spring Renewings


We’re sorting through the virtual and real life store cupboards here in our various Attics and looking forward mightily to a change in the weather. Temperatures on Mrs Blue’s northern shores are still hovering around the 2º, 3º, 5º with the occasional blistering bright blue sky to brighten the longing in our hearts.

As shelves and cupboards are emptied and cleaned, bottles are washed and the last of the winter pickles all eaten for breakfast, now is a rather good time to look at other aspects of our lives and The Attic here at Artemis Adornments is no exception.


We would love to know what you think, our precious readers and kind commenters.

While we are waiting, listening, thinking, we have begun to look at other social media for sharing our ideas and makes. We still have a Twitter account which we’ve dusted down and polished with a few new tweets, and now we have a Tumblr and a Pinterest too.

Leave your @name and your Pinterest or Tumblr here in the comments, and we will follow you back.

We’ll be analysing the Poll results during April and look forward to a slight shift of emphasis, and possibly some new members. If you like our vibe and feel you could contribute in some way to our future, please let us know. We’re always delighted to hear from you.


Please, tell us what you think!

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