Wavedeck-Sewanee knitted shawl. Photo: Lisa Risager
(That’s the view from my current attic, by the way)

I really, really liked knitting Kate Atherton’s Wavedeck. I made some modifications, mainly because I wanted more waves, not straight lines for the edging.

Instead of the Wavedeck edging I made an extra repeat of chart 2 and used the edging from Beth Bradford’s Sewanee (from Line 98).

The yarn I used was from the stash of my friend Amelia’s mother-in-law. Amelia’s mother-in-law had destashed (basically she wanted to get rid of all the muted colours that no longer suits her after her hair has turned grey) and Amelia brought a huge bag of wool to one of our knitting meet-ups. I grabbed all the Tweed-Angora from Garnstudio, and knit this shawl on size 5.5mm needles.

I gave the shawl to my mother who in turn decided to make her own modification – she turned the shawl into a poncho and added a round brooch:

The Wavedeck-Sewanee-poncho. Photo: Lisa Risager

I love how knitting can be modified, changed and reused!

One thought on “Wavedeck-Sewanee-shawl-poncho-thingy

  1. Always good to have a recommendation for a shawl pattern and this one looks like fun to make.

    Wonderful to see your mum. And just look at that attic! Glorious.

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