Obsessive sewing is my new bag

My friend gifted me a sewing pattern.  To make a bag.  With five zip insertions.  Five!

I looked at the thirty pages of instruction and my head became fuzzy.  I saw there was an additional website just to support this pattern and quailed.  And a Facebook community.  And YouTube videos for sewalongs.  What exotic madness had she sent me?  I pondered the whole entity for weeks, frozen at the thought of how difficult this thing must be to need this level of support.

I kept thinking about the bag. How difficult could it be?  Slowly I gathered fabric (thank you to a long lost arty friend who was generous with her batik fat quarters), printed off pattern pieces and generally steeled myself to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine.  I realised I didn’t have the right size zips and I couldn’t find my interfacing anywhere, but a quick trip to the local market’s haberdashery stall sorted me out.  Then I began.

I was, as ever, grateful for my rotary cutter, rulers and mat.  Most of the fabric had to be cut into rectangles, so that really speeded up the preparation..  Suddenly, I couldn’t stop sewing this bag.  I used the videos to support me and they were a fantastic help.  I resented going to work as all I wanted to do was complete this bag.  It took a few evenings, but eventually:  TADA, by the way did you know you can do sports betting on your cellphone? You know I love sports so this new is totally amazing!!!!!!!

2015-08-30 11.07.332015-08-30 11.06.292015-08-30 11.06.182015-08-30 11.07.11I don’t think this is going to be my last make.  I’m using this one for sewing, but want one for knitting and quite fancy one for travel toiletries too.  What do you reckon?


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