No broomstick needed

I finally had a chance to go to Twyford woolly day after a few months of not being able to get there (the absences were all for pleasant reasons thank goodness).  As ever, there were many talented friends enjoying the day and showing their latest creations.  I was particularly enamoured by a number of broomstick crochet scarves and remembered struggling with a huge knitting needle when I experimented with the technique a few years ago.

Of course, my interest was piqued (re-piqued?l and I came home and did a bit of research.  Once I read that you can form the loops around a 15cm / 6″ ruler, the light came on.

I went for a bit of a yarn crawl with friends and picked up just the thing – some Rico melange chunky in a colourway that, I’ve just realised, is for me the visual embodiment of the smell of Armani code ice aftershave.  (I wear it as a perfume, layered with more floral things).

Anyhow, it flew off the hook and ended up as a slightly tiny scarf for my mum.  She’s petite and doesn’t like lots of scarf trailing, so this is a good item just to tuck into the open neck of a coat.Broomstick scarf color changes

It was pretty much instant gratification.  If I did it again though, I’d use 100g of yarn, or not group so many loops together as the scarf was a bit short for my taste.  Once I got the technique, this was easy to make.  Go on, have a go yourself!


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