What excites you, makes you really jump for joy?

Acts of kindness! I don’t often jump, I’m more likely to be quietly happy and content. When? Mostly having spent time with good friends, all crafting, eating, drinking, talking, laughing. Or riding my bicycle, hiking in the mountains or snorkeling in the sea.

What brings you down to a dark place?

Having too much on my plate, too many tasks, too many choices.  Also arguments, meanness, unfairness.

Where is your favourite knitting nook?

Almost anywhere, whereever we are (we are quite nomadic) but I love late night or early morning knitting. Me, my knitting, a cup of tea and a podcast. Who cares about sleep anyway?

What is your food obsession?

I love food. Hot and spicy and very tasty, please.

Knitting, obviously, but what are your other favourite makes?

Crochet, sewing, drawing. But mostly knitting. Oh, and websites. That’s what I do for a living.

How would you describe your aesthetics?

Simple, no frills.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

My friends, other knitters, old books about traditional knitting, images (flickr, pinterest, instagram). I’m not a designer – I’m a knitter. Occasionally I’ll write down a pattern, but I always knit first. Sometimes I knit a garment several times before getting it right…

What is your crafting history?

I learned to knit in school when I was about seven. Later I taught myself to purl by watching a stranger knitting – we were on a boat for many, many hours, must have been boring for a 12-year old!

What strengths you have?

Could you please ask someone else?

What are the social media you are comfortable with using?

I started blogging in 2004, been uploading photos to flickr since forever, tweeting since 2007, on Ravelry since 2007, was on facebook, enjoy Instagram immensely.  140 characters or images, please!

What skill or talent that you don’t possess would you like to have?

I would love to be a really good singer.


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